Hotpoint Dishwashers

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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: freestanding, fully-integrated, half-integrated
  • Size: 18, 24 inches
  • Color: white, silver, inox, graphite
Country of origin: USA

Warranty and durability: one-year warranty

Special recommendations

Hotpoint products stay one of the most durable and reliable electric appliances on the market today. However, careful exploitation and correct installation are necessary to make the dishwashers serve for a longer period of time. The machines are equipped with protecting systems that block dishwashers’ work when leakage or kinks are indicated. Dishwasher alarm-lights start flashing to attract users’ attention when an error occurs. You can find more information in product’s user manual.

Some appliances are equipped with a digital screen that shows error-codes to help with diagnostic and troubleshooting. Most often work of machines is interrupted due to incorrect program start, it’s recommended to reboot a dishwasher, to switch it off and on. If an issue is not solved, a user shall call a client’s support center.


Hotpoint was founded in 1911 and became the first world manufacturer of front-heated irons. Earl Richardson the first owner and the founder of the company discovered that ironing became better and easier when the heating point was placed in the frontal part of irons, not in the center as it was common before. The invention inspired the businessman for starting his own brand and naming it ‘Hotpoint’.

Soon after the great success of Hotpoint irons, the company started to produce other house appliances. The main feature that determined Hotpoint’s business approach was presenting innovative electric inventions before any of the company’s competitors even thought about that.

There were many Hotpoint’s products that didn’t have earlier analogies in the world. For example, the company presented the world’s first line of white and fully-enameled electric equipment for home in 1924. In 1950 the world saw the first electric clothes dryer presented by the brand. Three years later Hotpoint became the first company to equip its refrigerators with wheels, so the heavy appliances could be easily moved for cleaning and repairs.

In the 1950s Hotpoint presented its first portable dishwasher, which could be stored under a sink, moved out to collect dirty dishes right from a table and used as a maple-top table for cutting or placing products when it was necessary. The machines were presented in light colors and were equipped with wheels that made them easily movable.

The durability of materials used for Hotpoint’s washing machines made them serve for decades. The old Hotpoint dishwashers can be still found in some vintage-styled houses. While being quite outdated when it’s about functionality, lots of first Hotpoint dishwashers can still cope with their main task.

Today Hotpoint presents portable, fully-, and semi-integrated dishwashers in traditional white, black, and silver colors. The brand is no longer associated with innovations, however, is definitely recognized as a guarantee of high-quality and classic design.