NEFF Dishwashers

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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: fully-integrated, semi-integrated
  • Size: 45cm, 60cm
  • Color: white, graphite, metallic
Country of origin: Germany

Warranty and durability: two-year warranty

Special recommendations

Often NEFF dishwashers stop working due to problems with electricity or water supply. While NEFF electric appliances are recognized as high-quality products, some users report having defective doors in their dishwashers. Nevertheless, in most cases, it is easily fixed by professionals.

Most NEFF dishwashers that were manufactured after 2010 are equipped with screens that show tips and error-codes. Using a chart in a manual, an owner can easily understand the meaning of symbols appearing on the screen. Such a system is useful for diagnosing malfunctions before applying for professional help.


The company was founded in 1877 in Germany as a factory for stoves and ovens. The family-operated company led by Carl Andreas NEFF quickly became popular in Bretten where it used to be located and started to attract clients from other parts of Germany.

The company became one of the pioneers in producing gas stoves and later introduced the first induction cooker in Europe in 1957. At the same time, NEFF attracted clients not only with its technical innovations but also with the interesting design of its appliances. The company started to create its kitchen appliances in different colors, offering better-fitting solutions for creative interiors.

Later NEFF introduced other types of appliances for kitchen and home, including washing machines, fridges, dryers, and dishwashers. While the company’s engineers were concentrated on producing innovative ovens and cookers, other kitchen appliances produced by NEFF including dishwashers had quite standard features and design. Nevertheless, they became popular due to the high-quality and recognizable name of their producer.

The real fame hit NEFF in the 2000s. Since that time company has been repeatedly awarded due to innovative electric inventions and great designer’s solutions reflected in its appliances.