Privacy Policy

This page is created to inform you about the privacy policy that our site adopts. We describe all main principles we operate with and explain which type of information that is connected to our users and visitors is sometimes used by our systems. In a case of any additional questions, complaints or offers that are connected to the privacy policy, you can contact us via any means mentioned on our contact page.


Any internet user gets full access to the data presented on our site without registration, login, subscription or any payment. We do not require users to provide any sort of personal or contact information like e-mails, phone numbers or bank details.

Nevertheless, our servers receive cookies, information about time and duration of visit, etc. The data is not identifying any user and is never used for identification. It is only needed for providing better and more personalized services.

As soon as a user leaves our site, our systems stop receiving any data and our privacy policy is not more applied. We are not responsible for data that was entered on other sites or resources.


In order to provide more personalized and better-quality services we, like many sites, use cookies. Cookies are small textual files that are automatically sent to an internet device and stored at its hard drive. The files allow an informational exchange between a user’s device and our site without requesting any personal or contact data.

You can stop receiving cooking, mentioning this in the setting section of your browser. In this case, our site stays available for you. However, please, be aware, that the quality of our online services may change when cookies are turned off.

We consider your use of our site as an agreement with our privacy policy and principles of data collect.