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Home appliances serve much better if you know how to choose, install, and use it in the most correct and safest way! We’ve gathered all the information that may be needed for those who are ready to buy a dishwasher or think about how to avoid common errors and prolong the life of an electric gadget.


What will you find on our site:

  • original instructions and manuals;
  • short data about types, features, and functions of dishwashers;
  • recommendations for the correct installation and careful exploitation of dishwashers;
  • list of common reasons that lead to malfunctions (troubleshooting);
  • funny and interesting facts about the main manufacturers of dishwashers.


Our site is a welcoming place for any internet user. However, creating it, we were thinking about certain problems it may help you to solve. Visiting our site must be in your to-do-list if you:

  • plan to buy a dishwasher for the first time;
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  • face problems using your dishwasher and can’t understand why;
  • want to learn how to fix and repair your appliance on your own;
  • eager to know more about dishwashers, their types, and producers.

An understandable language that makes any instruction clear even for a kid, lots of useful data, facts, and recommendations make you a confident user and stop your struggling with the choice, installation or constant errors.

The list of kitchen appliances is not limited to dishwashers. To find instructions for other household electronics, use the list of sites above, where you will find manuals for rare and popular models.