Whirlpool Dishwashers

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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: top-control, front-control, portable
  • Size: 17, 24 inches
  • Color: white, grey, silver, black, biscuit
Country of origin: USA

Warranty and durability: full warranty

Special recommendations

Most Whirlpool dishwashers are equipped with a self-diagnosing system. With its help, a dishwashing machine notifies users about any possible faults or problems. All breakdowns are displayed as an error-code. Buyers can use an understandable manual to solve problems on their own or call a Whirlpool client’s support center for help.


The Whirlpool company became popular after a release of a line of washing machines. Later the manufacturer presented some innovative models of air conditioners and electric stoves. The first Whirlpool dishwashing machine was sold in 1986 after the company purchased Hobart's KitchenAid brand famous for its dishwashing inventions.

Having an ordinary design, Whirlpool’s products won the buyer’s attention with their functionality and high quality. The first Whirlpool’s machines were highly appreciated for its durability. Even today Whirlpool appliances have an extremely low rate of faults and errors.

Another important commercial trick to attract lots of consumers was starting an economy line. The producer cut spends on manufacturing without any harm to the final quality of the product. Such an approach made Whirlpool the number one choice for the middle-class society.