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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: front-controlled, top-controlled, extra slim
  • Size: 18, 24 inches
  • Color: black, metallic, white
Country of origin: most Bosch dishwashing machines are produced in Germany

Warranty and durability: the company gives a full warranty

Special recommendations

It’s recommended to avoid installation or keeping Bosch dishwashers or its parts in rooms and places with high humidity. It’s also important to protect outer parts of the machine from water, critical temperatures, and damages. Poor quality of water and washing detergents can shorten the life expectancy of appliances. It’s also recommended to use electricity adaptors or similar protective equipment if electricity is not stable.

Most Bosch dishwashing machines are equipped with displays, showing an error code. This makes the diagnostic and repair of machines faster and easier. Some troubleshoots can be repaired by users with the help of manuals, in other cases – professional help is needed.


The brand’s name was first presented in 1886 in Gerlingen, Germany. Bosch Company was started by engineer and entrepreneur Robert Bosch who opened his first workshop to present innovative equipment for farming and household.

The business needed less than a decade to grow from a three-workers-company to the locally recognized producer with more than 20 employees. The products manufactured by Bosch attracted more and more clients with their durability and comfort of use.

The first Bosch kitchen stove was manufactured in 1950. Its first freezer appeared 7 years later followed by an automotive washing machine. The first Bosch dishwashing machine presented in 1965 became an innovation that attracted thousands of potential clients.

In order to win over thousands of lately-appeared competitors, Bosch’s engineers and developers counted on innovative technologies and new solutions. In 1977 Bosch presented GV101S – a machine that was aimed at removing complex contaminants and making dishes extra clean.

In 1985 the company's engineers developed a new technology that was friendly to parts of microwave ovens and to microwave-friendly materials. S912 became the first dishwashing machine that was fully adapted for washing dishes from glass, thermoplastic, wood, and ceramic that became widely used for microwave parts and dishes.

In 1990 the Bosch company became one of the first businesses choosing an eco-friendly approach. The company presented an environmentally safer AAA-class dishwashing model. Later in 2014, the company's developers introduced a new Active Water Eco machine. The invention saved water and electricity providing the same excellent result. Later, the machine was unofficially recognized as one of the most eco-friendly dishwashers.

Nowadays Bosch is one of the largest concerns with official service centers that operate in more than 150 countries. The headquarters still located in Gerlingen, the number of employees accrued up to 280,000.