Kenmore Dishwashers

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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: built-in, portable
  • Size: 18, 24 inches
  • Color: silver, black, white
Country of origin: USA

Warranty and durability: full warranty

Special recommendations

All Kenmore dishwashing machines that are manufactured after 2010 are equipped with screens that inform a user about faults by showing an error code. The manufacturer recommends keeping the machine’s manuals for reading error-codes.

Most faults are connected with incorrect use or maintenance and can often be fixed by users themselves. The company also keeps its service centers 24/7 available for consultation and questions or help requests.


Kenmore was first established in the USA in 1913. The company possessed itself as a sewing machine manufacturer. 14 years later Kenmore changed its approach, presenting its first home appliances like washing machines and later - vacuum cleaners.

In 1950 Kenmore factory sold more than 10 million products. Kenmore also became a choice of Truman during the years of his presidency. The first Kenmore dishwashing machine was manufactured in 1951 – only a year after the company’s great commercial success.

Being oriented on creating innovative and extra comfortable products, Kenmore presented its extra quiet dishwasher in 2010. The model quickly became popular in the USA and hit the sales record.

Kenmore was also one of the first producers of home appliances that paid special attention to the design of its products making it an integral part of house interiors. Most dishwashing machines were presented in white and later in silver colors. Alongside portable devices, Kenmore created built-in machines.

Still being oriented on domestic use, Kenmore made its dishwashers more adapted for HoReCa clients, enlarging the capacity of washers. Most Kenmore machines are suitable for bigger dishes and kitchen tools.

Kenmore also paid attention to environmental problems, answering the global request to save the planet. In order to cut spends of water and electricity, Kenmore presented its unique Power Wave Spray technology that allowed delivering more than 80% of water directly to dishes, making washing time shorter and the process more effective.

Numerous tests showed that Kenmore appliances are preferable for killing bacteria and removing allergens that can be found in dishwashing detergents. Most Kenmore machines are able to remove more than 98% of excising dangerous bacteria. According to a survey that was held in 2000, every third house in the US used Kenmore appliances.