DeLonghi Dishwashers

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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: freestanding, integrated
  • Size: 45cm, 60cm
  • Color: silver, white
Country of origin: Italy

Warranty and durability: 6-month warranty

Special recommendations

De’Longhi dishwashers are sensitive to detergents. According to manuals, it’s recommended avoiding using low-quality washing liquids to prolong the period of the machine’s life. If a machine doesn’t work, it’s recommended to check whether a kitchen sink is not clogged and the electricity supply is stable. After that, a user should check the machine’s door and restart a dishwasher.


The company was founded in Italy in 1902. It was operated by the De’Longhi family and was created for manufacturing small-sized parts for electric equipment. Half a century later De’Longhi changed its qualification to producing heaters and air conditioners.

Soon after presenting its first De’Longhi branded products, the manufacturer widened its product range to sell nearly all kinds of kitchen appliances, including mixers, coffee machines, ice-cream makers, etc. The company also presented electric equipment for ironing and cleaning.

While the company’s first dishwashers had a standard set of programs and limited functionality, they were highly appreciated due to their classic design. The machines were mainly exploited for domestic use and became popular all over Europe.

The design of the De’Longhi appliances brought world fame to the company in 2007 when its Exclusivo kitchen line won the Red Dot award for design. A year before, Giocomo Borin the brand’s director of designing department entered a list of most influential world’s designers due to the rating of Home Furnishing News Magazine.

In 2016 the company was also awarded for producing products that help to reduce allergy cases and are friendly to those users who suffer from asthma and breathing disorders. De’Longhi was also appreciated for the attempts to make its products more environmentally-friendly and recyclable.