Blomberg Dishwashers

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Blomberg Error Codes:
  • E01: No water. Check water supply.
  • E02: Drain error. Check outlet hose or drain pump filter.
  • E03: Heating. Check wash heater and thermostats.
  • E04: Motor triac shorted. Check electronic control, wiring and motor connector.
  • E05: Temperature NTC error. Check temperature serson and its wiring.
  • E06: Motor tacho fault. Check motor brushes, tacho connection, motor connector.
  • E07: Door lock error. Check door closed and lock's wiring.
  • E09: Program selector fault. Check electronic control and program selector connection.
  • E10: Overfill. Check water level sensor connector and wiring.
  • E11: Water heating fault. Check water heater and thermostat and their wiring.
  • E12: Door latch problem. Check if door is closed and lock connector.
  • E13: Spin speed error. Check drive belt, motor connector and wiring.
  • E18: Voltage problem. Check electricity supply.