Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers

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Types of dishwashers

  • Type: freestanding, integrated, double-drawer
  • Size: 18, 24 inches
  • Color: white, beige, metallic, black
Country of origin: Italy, Thailand, Mexico, China

Warranty and durability: one-year service warranty and two-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor

Special recommendations

According to the company’s survey held in 2010, Fisher & Paykel dishwashers are highly evaluated by their owners. While some errors were reported, most malfunctions were connected to the incorrect use of a machine. That’s why the producer recommends keeping and reading the original manual before installation or exploitation of a dishwasher.

If a machine stops working or a user sees an error-code on a special screen, it’s recommended to check if the machine’s door is closed correctly, to reset an appliance, and to try to switch a dishwasher on again. Often an error appears due to poor electricity supply or water leakage. If a machine doesn’t operate well after a user’s actions, it’s recommended to call a hot-line of the company for a consultation or to contact the client’s center for professional help.


Fisher & Paykel was founded in 1934 in New Zealand. The company was named after two of its founders Sir Woolf Fisher and Maurice Paykel. First, Fisher & Paykel was involved in the commerce of electric appliances and was initially known as an importer, but not a producer of household electric equipment.

After four years of importing goods of Crosley, Maytag, and Pilot, the company decided to become involved in the production of electric appliances. Fisher & Paykel started from producing Kelvinator washers, working under the license of the original company.

The company started to manufacture its own appliances years later when in 1980 the research and development department was formed. The company’s engineers created highly-automated products with ECS direct drive mechanisms that brought lots of benefits.

Such an approach became an engine for Fisher and Paykel’s development. Nine years after the first original products of the company appeared, they opened its first overseas factory in Australia. In three years the brand became known in Europe and only two years after that was officially presented in more than 40 countries in the world.

Fisher & Paykel produced its first dishwasher at the beginning of the 1980s. In 1986 the company presented its first dishwasher division in Taieri, Dunedin. The dishwashers produced by Fisher & Paykel were roomy and comfortable. They also had an eye-catching design that made them popular shortly after release.

Fisher & Paykel was first to present a unique dishwashing technology called DishDrawer. The invention made the company’s dishwashers a real hit and later became an inspiration for many similar technologies in modern dishwashers.